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Davis teamed up with BEEGIE ADAIR and her trio for this project. Adair is among the biggest sellers in the jazz genre. With 2 million albums sold and sold out performances internationally, the Beegie Adair Trio is one of the most successful working groups in the world. Also joining Davis are the renowned vocal group TAKE 6, who backs up Davis on the title tune, and vocalist MONICA RAMEY, who sings a duet with Davis on “Two for the Road.” MARK KIBBLE, from Take 6, also adds backup vocals on several tunes.

1. I’ve Never Been in Love Before 2:43
2. Never Can Say Goodbye 4:49
3. Two for the Road 3:58
4. Swept Away 4:43
5. The Folks Who Live on the Hill 4:47
6. Too Marvelous 3:16
7. So Many Stars 4:21
8. Começar de Novo 4:18
9. Somewhere in the Hills 3:37
10. Teach Me Tonight 3:57
11. Minha Alma 3:40
12. Leaving It Up to You 4:33

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